ZIP Code Tracker 2010

ZIP Code Tracker 2010 Details:

Creator: Imagine Thought Software
Author: Geoffrey L. Griffith
Released: May 2011

ZIP Code Tracker 2010 Download:

System Requirements:

This database application template requires Microsoft Access 2010 or higher.


Full license is included within the database template file. This product is provided AS-IS and WITHOUT WARRANTY. We make no guarantees about this product or the data contained within it. It is provided for free AS-IS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


A free ZIP Code tracking database application complete with United States City, State, and ZIP Code data. Created by Imagine Thought Software and designed for Microsoft Access 2010. This program includes information about how to use this application. Created by Imagine Thought Software.

How to use the ZIP Code Tracker 2010:

  1. Download the Free ZIP Code database application template for Microsoft Access 2010 here and save it somewhere you can get to easily (like your Windows Desktop).
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, use Windows Explorer to Navigate to the downloaded ZIP file. Extract the contents of the ZIP file, which contains a file named “ZipCodeTrackingApp2010.accdt”.
  3. Double click on the “ZipCodeTrackingApp2010.accdt” file to create the template in Microsoft Access 2010. The template will be opened and a new ZIP Code Tracker database application will be created in Microsoft Access.
  4. The “Help” form in the template provides brief instructions about how to use the application. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Imagine Thought Software from our Contact Page.
  5. Enjoy!

ZIP Code Tracker 2010 Screenshots:

The 'ZIP Code Search' Form:

The 'ZIP Code Details' Form:

The 'ZIP Code State List' Form:

The 'ZIP Code Help' Form:

The 'All ZIP Codes' Report:

The 'All ZIP Codes by Range' Report:

The 'All ZIP Codes Report' in Print Preview:

The 'All ZIP Codes by State' Report: